Assurance maladie/RSI, assurance responsabilité pro, bank account questions!

So I’ve recently gone into URSSAF (twice because they lost my file) and registered. They told me that once I received my siret number, I must register on the site. Since I’m already registered with URSSAF, does this mean that I don’t have to complete the ‘adhère au régime’ but I do have to ‘s’inscrire pour déclarer et payez en ligne’?
I tried to complete the adhere page but it says I must choose an assurance maladie organisme - being an auto-entrepreneur is not my main source of income. So perhaps this is what I’ve already completed in the URSSAF office?

I’m also checking out the assurance responsabilité professionnelle. Any advice on this? Since I’m just starting, so far not really earning anything. My house assurance company’s website doesn’t work right now (I teach ONE class at home), so must wait to see what option would be the cheapest.

Any advice on opening a bank account? I have a personal bank account which I’ve had for the last 12 years and it costs 13,65euros trimestrielle. If another bank account is going to cost same or more, I can see myself having whatever income from this auto-entrepreneur status going out to pay the bills!

If you have already registered for the micro entrepreneur régime then that’s correct, for goodness sake don’t try and register twice or you risk all kinds of complications if they don’t spot that it’s a duplicate application and issue you with another siret! I believe in fact it’s not obligatory to declare online if your earnings are below a certain threshold, but in any case it’s a lot simpler (IMHO) than messing about with paper declarations and trying to work the figures out yourself, and your net.entreprise has various other useful functions eg you can download attestations, check your payment history etc…

Bank accounts - depends what you need. Often you can get a good deal from online banks but If you’ll be paid by cheque then presumably you would prefer a local bank. Ask your own bank about a second personal account. I’m with CA and after some resistance they let me open a second account for a fee of 60 cents per month. If an online account would do, you could look at eg Hello bank and Monabanq, or there is this but in each case do read the small print.

Can’t help with the insurance I’m afraid, it’s the main thing that put me off ever (officially) teaching at home.

Happy teaching :slight_smile:

Hello Evelyn
I use on line banking, I have a bank card, cheque book, easy access and it’s free. My on line bank is Boursorama and they are excellent, here is their link.

Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

Ann Coe, are they good for foreign transactions? Both receiving and sending.

Hello Anna
I don’t have that many foreign transactions, but when I do I use a ‘3rd party’ like Transferwise, to bring money from my bank in the UK. This is a secure and good service that give good rates and low charges. The money is then paid as normal in euros via them into any French bank account you may have.
For sending I have no idea as I have never had the need, maybe someone on here has some advice about that

Thanks. I’m asking because most of my clients are in Germany. They will need to pay me into the French bank account. I hope receiving payments in EUR would be free? I don’t care about sending actually.

SEPA payments are free. I suppose it depends on your clients’ banking arrangements and what payment method they use but I I’ve found most businesses within the EU use SEPA as a matter of course.

There’s always PayPal, it’s not free but it’s convenient.