Assurance Vie - HMRC

Greetings from sunny Kent,
Having relocated to the UK after living in France, I’ve still got an assurance vie in France which I’m trying to reduce by cashing in annual instalments.
I need advice on how to report this to HMRC through my UK tax return so I’m trying to find an Accountant here who could assist me with this unusual/unknown product.
I would be very grateful to get a contact detail if you know such a tax expert.
Many thanks in advance.

some speak very well of Blevins Franks
I’ve no direct experience of them on which to draw though.

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Thanks for your quick response Graham.
I will contact this firm and check.
Best wishes

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There is some guidance available

Alternatively click on the finance button at the top of your screen which will link you to Spectrum Independant Financial Advisers. I spoke to one who was not to my taste, but then found one of them that suited me better.

Good morning Jane

Thank you very much for your quick response and attached link which looks rather promising !

I’m trying to avoid paying advising fees which may well be higher than the tax amount due.

Very best wishes