Assurance Voiture Haute Gamme?


Helping friends out who have recently moved over here. Needs to re-register his car amongst other things.

Today we dropped into the insurers to start the ball rolling.

Once details of the car were recorded, it turns out it is classed here as per the title.

AS such it is 'obligatoire', that at night at home the car has to be inside a locked garage.... Apparently 'all insurers' will state the same restriction.

My mate lives in a very old lovely cottage in the grounds of a Chateau, so the chances of getting permission for a garage are slim to say the least - listed building equivalent - .

This is not someting I've heard of, but then I drive 'lowly Volvo's, lol.

So has anyone else stumbled across this part of French Red Tape ? Or is just that Axa don't want to insure the car. It is very nice, but 'only' a 2008 Jag XF Diesel.......

Yes he is making enquiries with other companies, but thought I'd ask here (also have asked on the forum.


Ahh, I guess thats a no then, lol