Asthma carbon footprint

I wonder if an alternative can be found…

Inhaler drug delivery, despite its apparent simplicity is actually quite complicated to get right if you want the drug to be effective. Finding alternatives that deliver the drug to the desired site effectively and which do not harm either the patient or the environment might well be a significant challenge.

It would also be beneficial to try and get rid of some of the things which aggravate/cause asthma in the first place, if possible.

Admit I know nothing about this… but I do sympathise with all sufferers.

I have an inhaler with powder in it: no propellant. The powder comes in little biodegradable capsules.

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Yes, the article mentions the relative positive ecological impact of DPIs compared to MDIs, but unfortunately not all patients can switch.

No, of course not, but the article seemed to say that the main difficulty in switching was learning a new inhaler technique, rather than the drugs inside: it does seem a bit of a rubbish reason to me, if true.

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Absolutely, but patient compliance with inhalers is still the focus of much R&D to get people to use them more efficiently and reduce wasted product. I remember only too well the struggle to get my kids to use their inhalers properly as they were growing up and moving through the various alternatives.

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Thinking back to the “babyhaler”, OMG, an instrument of torture, if ever there was one !