At last, a Health book for you and the professionals!

Hello, our governments have always had a hard time with new technologies, as a proof the infamous DMP (shared medical file) which was supposed to be your personal health record and which was programmed with your feet, if you will pardon the expression.

Here is now the new version called my personal health space, much better, finally a modern interface and which promises (we will see if progress is kept) to be your real health space usable by you of course but also, and this is the goal, by the health professionals to whom you give access

Thanks. There is another thread on this, but perhaps since it’s quite a long one as started with DMP, it’s good to start again.

But possibly best to have the link to the official site


Please could you explain what is the connection between DeliberaHoc and the site of Mon Espace Santé ???

I’m not very optimistic, our doctor sits behind a wall of patients’ bulging files (not bulging patients’ files!) and his consultations always overrrun spectacularly because all the typing is done solely with his right index finger. Nevertheless he’s very deft with a bic and his very calligraphic signature could easily be mistaken for that of a Parisian grafitti artist

Our Doctor always over-runs… but that is because he gives each patient the time they need.
The 15 minutes allocated per person is often not enough. We know to arrive on time but never early… and work out just how behind he is. Before Covid, it might have meant we could pop for a coffee… now we wait patiently, knowing that someone needs the time and care he takes.

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The poster runs a blog site it seems

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Writing as an IT rather than a medical professional and, of course, as a patient, I’m very impressed with the investment in a centralised, personalised database that will have obvious health benefits for the individual and cost benefits for the State. Chapeau.


Ah… a Blog… that explains it.

Yes, Deliberahoc is a public forum that I run. It is mainly in French but has a section in English.
In the discussion about “Mon espace de santé” you’ll find some comments of mine about the old DMP project and a nice video explaining the functionalities of this new platform.
As many of you here are fluent in French, you may find useful to have a thread in French, about the new platform, that is only a starting point for a discussion.


I was all confused… initially thinking of doctolib… :rofl:

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