DMP transforms into Mon Espace Santé

Has anyone been playing with their…

It seems like an impressive system and a big improvement on to having to hoard a jumble of documents from all different sources.

I have signed up to it in the pharmacie, but not had a look myself.

I did mine online last week.

Yep me too - pretty impressive!

That’s reminded me…I’ll do it today.

I have created my personal DMP and have uploaded a number of documents to it. However, the local ‘Laboratoire’ I use has not yet started to upload blood test results, and the Hospital at Poitiers does not yet seem to be using this excellent system either. No doubt it will take some time before the various medical facilities get up to speed with the new system.


I admit to not having signed up yet … but am looking into it.

The ameli site tells me they hold…health-history for the past 24 months. Does that mean that this is a rolling-2year and older stuff vanishes to be replaced with newer…

Certain of my health records (scans etc) go back many years… and are occasionally asked for… if the complete picture of what is improving/what is declining is needed… Yes, it is a large dossier, but I guard it carefully.

Is the Site meant to replace my pile of papers?

I would like to think this could be kept safely somewhere else… but if it is only a rolling-2 years… it’s no good to me.

I am seriously interested, but need to understand a little more…

Your thoughts/help will be much appreciated, Simon.


Hi Stella

Take a look at the DMP FAQ’s - they may help.

I’ve got no idea about the 24 month thing - seems very odd as medical records are required by law to be kept at least 20 years! I know we’re supposed to keep prescriptions for 2 years - maybe something to do with that? Possibly better to rely on the info provided on the DMP site. I very much doubt the info is on a rolling 2 year basis - I already have info on there going back much further.

It’s been great for me to upload all my previous docs, scans, letters etc and from now on the process will be automatic if I tell the relevant pros I have a DMP. Good to have everything in one place, easily accessible and no paper!!

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Cheers Simon… I’ll check it out the link you give…

It would certainly be handy NOT to have to store so much stuff…


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Just to say that… I went to the Site… and have sent them a message asking the question about my old documents… and how long they keep things…

When they give me the answer… I’ll let you know… :thinking:

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Sadly, their response does not answer the question I asked, about how long they hold the documents…and how far back these documents can go…but I’ll keep looking/checking…


En réponse à votre courriel du 10/01/2019, je vous informe que le DMP est un dossier médical destiné à la coordination et à la continuité des soins. Tout au long de votre parcours de soins, les professionnels de santé que vous consulterez, en ville et à l’hôpital, déposeront dans votre DMP, avec votre accord, les comptes rendus de ces consultations et séjours et les résultats d’examens. L’ensemble de ces informations constituera progressivement votre histoire médicale.

Chacun de ces professionnels de santé doit tenir à jour un dossier médical vous concernant dans son cabinet (ou en établissement de santé). Il doit compléter ce dossier à chacune de vos rencontres avec lui. Il existe ainsi le dossier médical de votre médecin généraliste, le dossier médical du ou des spécialiste(s) que vous avez pu consulter, des biologistes, cabinets de radiologie… et le dossier médical de l’hôpital ou de la clinique où vous avez été hospitalisé. Chacun de ces dossiers médicaux « professionnels » est détenu et mis à jour par le professionnel ou l’établissement de santé. Dans chacun de ces dossiers, certaines informations sont utiles à la coordination des soins, ce sont ces informations que les professionnels déposeront dans votre DMP.

Le DMP est donc différent de tous ces dossiers médicaux détenus par les professionnels ; lui seul regroupe l’ensemble des informations utiles à la coordination de votre parcours de soins, présentes dans les différents dossiers professionnels.

and via Google:

In response to your email of 10/01/2019, I inform you that the DMP is a medical file for coordination and continuity of care. Throughout your course of care, the health professionals you will consult, in town and at the hospital, will deposit in your DMP, with your agreement, the reports of these consultations and stays and the results of examinations. All of this information will gradually build up your medical history.

Each of these health professionals must maintain a medical file concerning you in his office (or health facility). He must complete this file at each of your meetings with him. There is thus the medical file of your general practitioner, the medical file of the specialist (s) that you could consult, biologists, radiology cabinets … and the medical file of the hospital or clinic where you have been hospitalized. Each of these “professional” medical records is held and maintained by the professional or health facility. In each of these files, some information is useful to the coordination of the care, it is this information that the professionals will deposit in your DMP.

The DMP is therefore different from all these medical records held by professionals; it alone brings together all the information needed to coordinate your care path, present in the various professional files.

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Blimey that was quick Stella!! Maybe an automated response…I’ll ask around as well…

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It could well be that ideally, DMP is for Emergency, when the patient is not able to give details of medical history. ???

If I can’t talk… Emergency will not know that I am fragile and need to be handled with great care… so it would be good for them to have this info at hand… and whilst I take little medication that info might also be useful…

So, whatever, I will probably be joining…

But any info on the historial data (that we all hold)… yes, please … do ask around. Let’s clarify this… I cannot be the only person dithering… Or am I :thinking:

I am quite happy to cling onto my old info… if I have to…

It’s not intended as a tempory repository Stella, it will store your data indefinitely going forward and it’s purpose is not just for emergencies. It’s a centralised database of all your medical info which can, with your permission, be accessed by any health professional treating you. There’s absolutely no downside to using the system IMO. The trick is for every health service provider to buy into it.


Should I upload all my historic x-rays, bone-density scans, MRI’s, blood tests and whatever?

Absolutely Stella - did mine using the CD’s / DVD’s provided with all the scan results + the comptes rendus.

Sadly, not all of mine are on cd/dvd… I’m older than you are… :sunglasses:

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The most recent on disc are probably the important ones Stella, unless the older ones combined with the new indicate a trend. You could always keep the older in hardcopy. It’s a good excuse for a clear out. Even my prescriptions, when filled, appear in it.

You obviously have a fast internet connection Simon :slight_smile:


Yep - no complaints:

Hi John…

A couple of years ago, I actually made the local Specialist smile … “it’s ghastly Stella” … he said… looking at my scan…and weighing it against the previous result from 2 years before…

But then I offered him the very first one, from some 12 years previous… which showed that bits of me had, in fact, been even more ghastly in the past… and thus bits of me had improved…

“So, that’s wonderful, isn’t it”… I said to him… and god bless his cotton socks, his usually dolorous face broke into a broad grin. :hugs: