DMP transforms into Mon Espace Santé

Everyday in every way getting a little bit better :grinning:

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Done it for both of us at the Pharmacie.
Absolute synch. CV placed in machine and signed on screen using their reader. A small sticker is then attached to your CV to signal that you are signed up to the scheme.
Back home, an email confirming the registration with an initial single use password for future logins.
If I understand it correctly, the Pharmacie gets 1€ for the privilege of setting it up for you from the scheme (no contribution from the CV holder).

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Great. Orange have pulled fibre along the main road within two KMs of me but there’s no firm timescale for our actual connection. I’d really like to have good, solid, reliable speeds.

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Update as of today. Uploaded my first documents - blood group for myself and OH.

It was easy peasy…

Going to get the rest of our medical history uploaded asap.

Seeing our Médecin Traitant tomorrow and will report back how DMP works (or not) with him.

(just seen that it has taken me 9 months to finally “give birth” to the Dossier… :laughing::rofl:

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Same here, but I have only just taken a look because I wanted to upload our blood groups.
Unable to sign in, maybe my sign in codes have expired :thinking: Will try again later.

Apart from Ameli (and ourselves) no-one has uploaded anything to our DMP.
We started ours in January this year.

Hi again Graham,
I have just updated my DMP details, giving a new password tho’ the i/d is still the mishmash of letters and numbers.
The dossier is very comprehensive giving details of all my medical treatments including optical etc.
I didn’t realise how comprehensive it as.

Yes, as I understand it the ID is just that… it is our passwords which are personal to us… :upside_down_face: which is why we are asked to change the “generated pasword” one to one which we can remember…:zipper_mouth_face:

It’s a really good site Stella.

I wonder how far behind the UK system is ?

Millennia Peter. :japanese_goblin:

Can’t believe I chatted with our MT and forgot to mention DMP… :roll_eyes:

We were discussing Brexit and he comforted me by saying that even if UK stopped paying for our Health Care - he would continue to treat us… “for free” … :hugs:

Had my “flu jab” today at the pharmacy and talked about the DMPvaccination and the documents I had uploaded.

The lady got so excited… shall we have a go ???

Seems there is a hiccup between their logicel and DMP - so everyone was keen to see how they/I would get on.

Mmm… it took 15 minutes and 3 of us playing around, but we got there in the end. (their layout was so much different to mine, of course.)

When I got home, there was the notification that someone had accessed and left a document -yippee.

However, I suspect the pharmacies will need a much tighter tie-up between their scanner and their computer and DMP, since 15 mins per patient is just too long.

We made a tacit agreement that I would upload OH’s attestation myself.

Just done it - took less than 5 mins to scan/save and upload… yippee.


Our pharmacie seems to have very good and modern technology. Their scanner (one each till) is a dinky little affair which they use to scan ordonances which then appear on our DMP accounts. Not a flatbed but a strip one. The nurses have a similar one too (portable) for when they do home visits.

Yes, I was only just saying to OH… how come they scan everything “just like that” and yet they have one heck of a problem putting something into DMP.

I reckon the “Boss”, who is away at the moment, will get it sorted when he gets back …:upside_down_face:

I had mine done today as well! Saw a lovely HCA at the surgery who said shall we take your blood pressure and do a diabetic foot check? So did those too and all is good. She noticed that my prescription was due in the next week or so and renewed that and sent it electronically to the pharmacy for me to collect tomorrow.

I have to say I am really pleased and surprised at how efficient and well run this surgery is considering all the horror stories I’ve heard about GPs in the UK and the NHS in general. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and appointments are easy to get. I guess I’m just fortunate to have found a good surgery.

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That’s all good news Mandy. Are you moved and settled-in now ??

what is a diabetic foot check ??

Not yet but hopefully in a few weeks time. :crossed_fingers:

A diabetic foot check is when they test the pulse and feeling in your feet. Diabetics are susceptible to vascular problems if they don’t control their blood sugar very well and this particularly affects the lower limbs and eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard about diabetics having feet and legs amputated.

So they check the pulse in each foot and then use a fine needle (I don’t think it’s actually a needle but something a bit more flexible) to test sensation and you have to say each time you feel a prick (!). She also did a vibration test (that one was new to me) with some kind of metal thing. Didn’t really see as you have to keep your eyes closed so you can’t cheat.

Anyway, passed all the tests with flying colours so that’s good news!

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Just an aside, some years ago my généraliste told me to hold off on the jab until closer to Christmas. His view is that an early jab is just a generic anti flu jab but if one waits until the flu season starts then the vaccine will be based of the strain du jour. Of course if you’ve died from flue before they figure out the strain, tant pis :sneezing_face:

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Fair comment, we each go by what our Doc says.

Our Doc likes us to get it over with now, since it takes a few weeks to give proper protection and he doesn’t want OH being at risk in the winter months… (in the early years we had far too many dashes to A&E around Christmas…)