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I agree Stella. We always got ours mid October so that we were protected from November. The vaccine only lasts for about 6 months anyway so best to be protected early as possible. Not much use in June is it when flu season has passed? In any case, the formula for each season remains unchanged for the whole season.

As an aside, this year there are 2 formulas, one for over 65s and one for under 65s. Not sure if that is just in the UK.

Edited: from the horses mouth

Obviously my medic doesn’t believe that Mandy. I’m seeing him tomorrow so I’ll check with him.

… Ah, now that I reflect on it I do seem to remember he tells me to ask for not the generic one but something else… I’ll get the name or the term from him tomorrow.

Just to cheer you up :slight_smile:

This happens every year John. It’s always reported that the flu vaccine will not provide full protection against all strains. I guess it’s better than nothing and, in the years I’ve been vaccinated, I’ve never had flu.

It will be interesting to hear what your MT says. Please report back.

Neither of us have ever taken the vaccine offered.
Being the miserable old buggers we are, we keep well away from unhealthy people…

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Will do. It was probably a case of asking for a specific rather than a generic brand. The Pharmacist understood exactly what was required.
I suspect the mismatch is greater this year, otherwise Scientific American wouldn’t bother to note it. I don’t think I know anybody that has has the actual flu. Most people call a heavy cold or a chill the “flu”.


Very wise. Keep away from the old swine and birds too :slight_smile:

He told me to forget about the jab until my chest infection clears up. Though this bloody Amoxicillin is killing me :mask: Going to work hard on my white blood cells this evening and reopen vaccination negotiations at next visit.

Ah yes. They won’t give you the flu vaccine if you have an infection. Next time.

I’ll get it done as soon as I shake this infection off and I’ll ask hm about the timing and strain issue.

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Good post, I don’t want to peak to soon :slight_smile:

That would explain why the vaccine only becomes available halfway through October each year here in France. I notice the article mentions folk getting vaccinated in August (??!!) but not which country that applies to.

This year in France it was made available from 15th October… and we had our jabs on the 17th… so we will hopefully escape any nasties around Christmas and beyond…

Stella, how do you know you have the October blend rather than the August blend.

:wink: I’ve been reading the French Health information… :relaxed:

I’m a great believer in not having a dog and barking myself.

Or have the pharmacist pique too soon :grin:


Doc says I can have my jab next week :mask:

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cut and paste response. Although a well done one.