At last..... a little normality


Following in the footsteps of our illustrious leader, we barrelled out for a couple of cremes and croissants this morning. The town was buzzing. It looked as if everybody had put on their Sunday best to have a coffee and/or lunch. All the resto terraces were packed. Great to see. One doesn’t realise how demoralising the shutdown has been until a degree of normality returns.

We get our second jabs this PM. So after another couple of weeks of diligent, focussed antibody and T cell production we’ll go mad.

We were hoping to hit the UK in July but Johnson’s criminal exclusion of India from the Subcontinent travel ban may have derailed things. I certainly hope not and the concerns about the Indian variant, apart from transmissibility, seem to be abating. I won’t book the Chunnel just yet though.


I booked my jabs for 28 / 5
Then 8/7
I booked flights for UK for later in July.
Fingers crossed is all I’m saying.


I have just read that UK visitors can now enter France with just the 2 jabs and a PCR test
was this a dream or did I wake up from a nightmare. From June 9th.

I have just read the same thing but the UK still insisting on 2 tests and quarantine upon return.

I though UK visitors were banned from last Monday, as they has been banned fromGermany the Monday before.

They were but there’s a general opening of the EU to vaccinated visitors going on in the background.

So AIUI UK visitors will be permitted without a motif imperieux provided they are fully vaccinated as of next Wednesday.

Ahh, so it only lasted around a week :roll_eyes: They should have said that when the German and French bans were introduced.

No, it seems most countries are scared of their voters and also want to let their leaders and privileged people go on holiday.

So all sorts of strange exceptions are popping up that will let people of means travel legitimately…So not necessarily a family of four that can’t afford 12 PCR tests for a week away then lose 7-10 days earnings or if they’re employed in a real job, further holiday days obliged on their return.

So all are at risk in variant soup in resorts which should keep a nice level of Covid bubbling along in the autumn. Governments may get lucky and not have the autumn bubble produce a variant that vaccines don’t keep up with but heigh ho 5 months is a long time in politics, the sun’s shining and we can all do another year of this.

I have read the document and it looks as if travel is allowed from the Uk from 9 th June with no self isolation in France. However PCR and test still required for return to UK. HOWEVER this is an EU document on opening borders - there are lots of caveats allowing extra requirements between the two amber countries. My granddaughter is not booking just yet!

well it is up to you what you decide is best for you but the news is a little music to some ears
including mine as the person whom I am buying my house from needs to attend to various things including the removal of her goods.

Interesting blog a few weeks back about this - €600 for a family of four to get necessary jabs!