At last, coming over

Okay, so ferry booked, white good bought, S1 to be delivered to French address - mutuelle in the pipeline… Tea bags, toilet rolls Ecover all bought when on offer…, dried fruit, chickpeas, lentil and oats bought by the kilo, FB paint in car (not given up my designer paint habit just yet) and beloved plants ready to go… Big, big smile on my face - Oh and an orange European talk plan where I get unlimited mins in Europe and my fam can call without paying…have I forgotten anything?

Thank you all - so excited, setting off tomorrow…

and a couple of 4 way extension leads, that way you can just change the plug to a French one and continue using your UK plugs for things like IT equipment and TV/stereo. If you will be in an area that gets a lot of lightning, buy ones with decent surge protection built in.

Good luck Elaine. I agree about making sure you have a printer and copier for all the paperwork.

Tea bags and shreddies (I didn’t see that one coming). Make sure you have a copier or photocopies of everything - we’ve had to produce our birth and marriage certificates several times. Been here nearly 2 months - it’s great.

Good luck Elaine, bon voyage! Don't worry you can buy FB paint over here! :-)

A year's supply of Greeting cards !

Ah, forgot that. Yes, taught too so makes me the perfect 'victim' for giving advice ;-)

Thank you Brian, she has been volunteering in India and Sri Lanka for 9 months of the last 12 gaining experience and having a ball… It would appear to have paid off. I know you studied on this field as we had a conversation three years ago via SNF around the subject.

Congratulations to your daughter. I did my first degree through to doc in arch and anth, still call myself an anthro even. Good discipline, good uni and hope she can use it in the future.

Thank you Brian for taking the time to reply - my brother in law has also given me a big bag of ‘tools’ new electric drill, screwdriver, drill bits, box of screws - various sizes, paint brushes etc etc -). It’s been over three years since I started seriously thinking about coming to France, so I have had plenty of time to prepare. My daughter graduated from Bristol with a pretty good degree (arch and anth) and starts her first (paid) job for ICS in London tomorrow, so a big week for both of us.

Optimism seems to be in your bag. Nope, nothing much else I can think of.