At least I'll get ALD

A Gleason score of 7 on the prostate biopsy, I suspect today will be a day of contemplation.


I’m sorry to hear that, John. I hope that effective treatment can be started swiftly. Bon courage…

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So sorry to hear your diagnosis, at least you are in a good place for treatment. What is the plan? Sending lots if positive vibes :bouquet:


Very sorry to hear that John - I hope that treatment is successful.


Having several friends who are long term prostate cancer sufferers I wish you the best outcome possible (ie the least active and agressive it can possibly be! ) All three treated in France, all three doing extremely well despite initially poor prognosis for one of them who is now 10+ years on.


Sorry to hear this. Having just had a small spot of cancer under my eyelid, I pass on my surgeon’s thoughts - think/contemplate positively as more cancers today are cured than not, and the power of positive thinking gives the medics a good start…


I too wish the same @JohnH and also know how well things can go here in France.

Yes, I second everyone’s thoughts and good wishes.
OH and several gents (French and Brits) have been successfully treated…

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Sending positive thoughts…

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A PET scan first to see if there’s any spread and a treatment plan to follow.

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I like to think that I’m being quite calm about it and reasonably rational, with the occasional moment of oh f*ck :slight_smile:


that seems a reasonable reaction… :wink: :wink:


Echoing others’ comments, I’m sorry to hear this and equally sending you my best wishes for the most positive outcome.

Good luck John.
Don’t know if it’s any comfort but quite a few of my colleagues were diagnosed with & treated for prostate cancer in their late 50s/early 60s and they’re all alive and kicking.

I’d say that’s the way to be.

So sorry to hear your news.

Go for it, and keep us informed.
Also not sure if careerwise you would have always been able to choose location, guessing better to organise to stay in France going forward if choices come up.

Bon courage :bouquet:

I’m sure that’s where we’d all be.

Bon courage.

All the best John, I got the all clear when they reduced or removed mine, never did find out which. :wink:

Sent you a pm @JohnH

Sorry to read this John.
Sending positive thoughts, as others have written France is a good country to be treated in. If you know the butler at the Embassy he wrote a glowing message on Linkedin about his cancérologue and the treatment he received.