Attaque au couteau à la gare de Lyon / Knife attack

Three people stabbed but thankfully not life threatening injuries. The attacker is allegedly a 32 year old from Mali. Reports say he tried unsuccessfully to set fire to his backpack before using a knife to stab the victims. He’s been arrested by the police alive.

Again? What makes me so cross is that when there is an enquiry afterwards, it is made common knowledge that the perpetrator was already known to the police etc. Why are these people allowed to stay if they pose a threat??

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We don’t know that yet, and it may not be true. What is being said is that ‘[Le Figaro] quoted a police source saying … [the suspect] appeared to have “psychological difficulties” … The profile is of someone who is a mix of homeless person and person with psychiatric troubles.’ It may be that the fact he is Malien is irrelevant, and there is certainly no suggestion (at this stage) that he is fiché S.

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@Shiba Mali was a French colony until 1960, and it is entirely possible he is a born and bred French national.

Do not echo the UK government wanting to send people “back” to countries they had never set foot in just because they have black skin.

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I never said anything about his colour, only about how often we find out how the authorities knew already that these people who commit these attrocities are already known to them. I have no idea about this bloke as havenot seen the news, only read what has been put on here, for all I knew he could have been from another EU country.