Attention! everyone must read this its important


I'm not normally one to get involved in these things but this is just dissgusting and if I could find out who they were I'd string them up! I think they are near me in 61, but those of you with horses on loan make un-announced visits as much as you can !

How terrible - why on why do people do this…

I’ve found her elsewhere and emailed her.

Good old “Anglo let’s stifle any free debate or discussion Info” !!

The thread has now been pulled. So I don’t know if Tillyann got my message or not.

Absolutely! Such a tragic tale, but sadly not the alone, I had to rescue a horse that was out on loan only 18 months ago, people talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? :(((

Unfortunately all kinds of things happen in people's lives, they behave bizarrely as a result and even more unfortunately, it is often the poor animals who suffer.

Years ago I put my pony out on loan whilst at Uni, she went to a pony club recommended family. Everything was fab for two years, then I suddenly got a call to say could I collect here asap. She'd been turned away and not ridden for ages and although physically ok, was clearly a bit put out. Turned out the marriage had failed and the mother was mid-breakdown. So whilst of course I'm not excusing animal neglect in any shape or form, I can see why it happens.

I've joined to ask her for the name of the loaner. We've already come across someone who did the same thing to a horse last year. Poor poor horse.

There's little that can be done to prosecute unless the owner brings charges, but knowing a name might help us save a horse in the future.

I have no comprehension of why people would take an animal on loan simply to neglect it.