Attitudes towards differences between France & UK culture

(Rebecca Wooff) #1

Hi there everyone,

I’m currently in the process of writing an essay for part of my degree. The essay is on the differences between France & UK culture, and people’s attitudes towards differences. I’ve got the first part done, I just need some attitudes towards things that people find different. I thought I’d ask here because I feel I’d get a much more varied response than I have so far.
Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance :)

(Catharine Higginson) #2

Gifi is good too…

(Rebecca Wooff) #3

What about a little fake-pearl necklace from Eurodif? I’ll give it a go haha!
B xxx

(Deirdre Mooney) #4

As my late mother used to say ‘a little pearl necklace will get you everywhere darling’

down here it is diamonds

I cherish my little pearl necklace

x d

(Rebecca Wooff) #5

Yeah I noticed the same thing, Catharine! Glad it’s not just me!
B xxx

(Catharine Higginson) #6

They specialise in making assumptions about people based on appearances. I think in the UK , we have an understanding that faded aristos may own half of Scotland but still choose to dress in ancient clothes. The French do not, they assume if you’re not wearing pearls, you’re no-one!

(Deirdre Mooney) #7

great! deirdre

(Rebecca Wooff) #8

Thank you Deirdre! That’s exactly the kind of thing I was after.
B xxxx

(Deirdre Mooney) #9

Hello Rebecca,

What have you got so far?

I can give you a few glib comments now but I will have to seriously think about this.

My view off the French after two decades living here now is that they are extremely selfish.

Silly things but extremely important to us from the UK - like queuing and waiting your turn for example. They have to be first wherever first may be.

It may be in the post office or a supermarket - wherever.

an example. the other night I was picking my daughter up from the train station. A woman had parked leaving illegally behind a queue of 20 honking cars

I got out of my car, politely said she was causing a huge traffice jam and she wouldn’t move. We were all waiting to pick people up

She refused to move

It didn’t matter what chaos she was causing to others

She simply wasn’t budging

How selfish?

At the end of they day i said if you don’t move ‘I’m calling the Police’

It worked

I don’t rant and rave like the french but in my irish french accent I am very polite

so one difference I perceive, certainly in the area, where I live, is the lack of common politeness and respect

and I know it’s not just me

but I do have a lot of positive things to say too.

hope this might help


(Catharine Higginson) #10

Try Dierdre Mooney - think she should be able to give you some good comments. I’m away till next week but if you don’t get enough response, give me a shout when you get back and I’ll get some thoughts together for you! x