Australia Post - in France?

I ordered a new Station Electrique for our micro-caravan and have just received an email from the company (in the EU) saying that it has been dispatched - by Australia Post!

Looking up Australia Post it seems to operate (surprise surprise) within Australia so what can possibly be going on here? Has anyone else had this experience? And most importantly, did the parcel arrive in France?

We love our caravanning in Oz, maybe it is being drop-shipped from there?

Surely not? It’s not an Australian brand… puzzled… hope the package when (if) if arrives gives details of its journey. When my partner ordered his police certificate from the UK, they sent it to France via the USA :roll_eyes:

If you’ve a tracking number - use one of the universal parcel trackers - 17track works well. It can be illuminating for some international deliveries and they show “who’s” got your parcel. Usually more info than the actual carriers tracking.

Is the company Dutch? I’ve seen Australia Post pop up in tracking info via Holland before

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I tried tracking it but the number wasn’t recognised - perhaps I tried too early on… Very interesting that they’ve appeared in Holland before though - thanks for that! The company could be Dutch - I’m not sure.

Could it be coming via Parcel Monkey, they go all over the world with orders before it arrives, hence why it is cheap.


Had a go with these people this morning - it doesn’t recognise the number! Think I’ll just have to wait and see