Australian Tax and French Tax

I have just received my french working visa or (carte de titre) and I am able now to work here in France. If I find work or start up my own business (auto-entrepreneur) do I have to pay tax in Australia at all? I am married to a frenchmen. I have a house in Australia but it is negatively geared.

I am so confused as I'm receiving different pieces of advice from yes I need to pay double tax - in Australia and France, to no and that I can offset my french tax with my negative geared house ?????? erghhhhhh

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you


If you receive any income that tax has been paid on in Australia you don't pay French tax on it. You do need to justify it though as I do.

Pleasure :)

Thanks David - reading all the information now. Yes negative geared does mean negative equity. I was told I need to pay tax to Australia and France only all money I made in france which doesn't seem to be the case at all. Thank you for your time in researching this topic - I truly appreciate it.

I'd imagine that you'd pay tax in France on any income earned in France, as you're living here in France.

Not sure about any income you'd earn from the house in Australia though. Does negatively geared mean negative equity? If the house is rented out you'd pay tax on any income from that in Australia.

I found this page:

Looks quite straightforward....