Australians in France cut off from their pensions!

There’s a new group formed lately - Australian Pensions in France - because older Australians resident in France have discovered that the lack of a Social Security Agreement between the two countries means we can’t apply for our old age pensions from here. This, especially in the time of Covid, is causing increasing hardship.
The latest salvo in our campaign to have the same rights as Australians in the 31 countries of the world (21 in the EU) that DO have such an agreement is to have a petition to Parliament. This will close on December 30.
Australians in France, their Australian friends and families are urged to help make the signatories list impressive! Please sign (and remember to check your junk folder if the confirmatory email doesn’t look as if it’s arrived!):

Many thanks, Judy Crozier

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I am sorry to hear this Judith.
Is this a new occurrence or was it always the case?
I ask because I know that, even I have no intention to live in Australia, the UK Government freezes the OAP if you go to live there.
I do hope that you and your fellow Australians are successful.

I don’t know historically what happened about pensions, but I do know talks were begun but failed back in 2010…and never revisited. Like many things to do with governments, the information is a bit elusive online, so many of us had no idea. Interestingly, other issues are now beginning to surface - such as double-taxation where the rules say this is disallowed - which I suppose is par for the course. For now, we will badger politicians and bureaucrats until they pay attention. The embassy’s been pretty active on this, but as you know, Covid has rained on many a parade lately.


Brilliant thanks Judy, I’ve signed. I really hope it can get sorted! I’m not sure if I even am able to get my Aussie pension (I’ve got a small amount of Super) as only worked there maybe 10 years or a bit less (not sure how they would look at part time work while studying). At least I have 20 years for them to sort it out if I am entitled!

Thanks heaps Tory! You could be due for a part-pension, I think, if you were there as an adult for at least 10 years. Good luck - to you and all of us! And a merry Yule to you.

Ahhh I’d certainly hit that (I think!!). Was away on exchange at 18, home 19-21 (2.5 years), home 9 months in 20’s (0.75), In my 30s (6.5 years). OMG how frustrating, 3 months short :rofl: ah well I still have 20 years before I need to worry about it I’m sure I’ll have gone back at some point for a while!

I spent my whole working life with that attitude, Tory, and in the end it all worked out ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

I even got my 3 years or so working in Australia included in my qualifying totals by both UK and France. :astonished: :laughing:

Best of luck Judith :wink:

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That is good to know even if they change the goal post in terms of allowing a part pension (or indeed that it is still not possible to apply from here) that this is perhaps another way for my years working there not to be lost. I think my first summer job I was 16 so even with being away so much I’ve still had at least 5 years or more of working full time equivalent plus probably another 5 part time while studying.