Australians living in France

(Jeanette Holland) #1

Hi there, are there any Aussies who are members of Survive France?

I'm planning to retire to France in a few years time and have spent the past 4 years researching and visiting areas in the south west to find a place to call home. I hope to build a small house and even though the purchase of a plot in the Aveyron Dept fell through a couple of years ago at the last minute by objections received from the local farmers, I am still determined to make a go of it.

I had my house plans drawn up by Avilion Homes and have only high praise for the people I dealt with.

Anyway, I was just curious if there are any Aussies out there and if so, any advice from their personal experience in relocating to France would be appreciated.


(Jeanette Holland) #2

Hello Joan, thanks for your comments! Seriously scary times at the moment.

Regards, Jeanette

(Jeanette Holland) #3

Hi John, thank you for writing. Good luck with your move unext year. I'm not sure about my plans anymore with the unstable situation in Europe. Australia definitely seems the lucky country in many ways still.

Regards, Jeanette

(Joan fry) #4

I heard just recently that the minimum rental period is 3 yrs.
However, the nation is in chaos right now, so you may have been,lucky to loose that property

(John Dunstan) #5

Hi Jeanette,
I am an Aussie living on mid north coast NSW and built a house 5 years ago near Evian les Bains on Lake Geneva, in France, you have to rent houses out for minimum 5 years so I am finally going to be moving there in 2016 and live there from April through November. I built a self contained apartment so I can have a caretaker over the time I am not there.
Good luck with your plans
John Dunstan