Austria back in lockdown ☹️

I was amazed looking at pfizers testing that so many died after taking the placebo. Statically no different from those that died after having the vaccine.

But you have provided an update and why am I not surprised that a covid booster gets a mention?

Done more than most?
In promoting antivax perhaps but other than that tell me more.

I am dealing with another loss in my family…ok so only a cat but my son is devastated….

I somehow missed it but how do people feel about a brothel in Austria bribing people to get a “vaccine” in exchange for 30 minutes
with a prostitute of their choice…??? :thinking:

It kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach what with all the sex trafficking and exploitation of women but others might think differently…,

I’m not providing an update as it was a well known effect which could be misconstrued (it has been reported) and I’m not about dissuading others and I’m only about fully informed consent and the right to medical freedom and bodily autonomy and the rights to choose whether to accept or decline a medical intervention…

(And yes I’m also about the relevant pharmaceutical corporations having a liability for harm where none exists at the minute as they are totally immune to prosecution as things stand….)

Puts a spin on the idea of jabbing :joy:


You do make me laugh and brighten my day when I’m having a bad one :joy: