Authentication of Documents

Hi there,
We moved here at the end of June and are applying for our social security registration via my husband’s company. We’ve been asked to provide authentication of our UK birth and marriage documents. Anyone else had to do this recently and what service did you use please? Thank you. Julie

Hi Julie… You need a recent birth certificate… the long certificate NOT the extract… as it must include full details of your parents… so for birth and marriage etc simply go on-line and order your certs from the UK Government site… doesn’t take long to come through… and you pay on-line. too…

Totally agree with Stella, but it need not be recent
an original no matter how old is OK

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You could well be right Haydn… I am so used to being asked for a recent birth/marriage certificate or whatever, that I tend to think it applies to every situation…

(and can someone tell me why some kids have to provide a recent certified-copy of their Acte de Naissance at the start of every school year…something to do with sports insurance or some such… but, a new one each time they move up a year… seems a bit over the top :wink: )

Never had to do that but always have to provide a copy of their (our) insurance each rentrée.

Hi Andrew… for some reason the Mairie keep being asked to do these authenticated copies of the livret de famille each new school year… not really sure why… though def something to do with school… (I often get asked to help with the photocopying if the Secretary is busy, which is how I know it happens…)…

perhaps we are a little odd in our commune …:wink::wink::wink:

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We had to provide photocopies of our livrets de famille as well as carnets de santé when the kids changed schools (normal) but nothing since :slight_smile: can’t understand why your commune insists on it each year! :open_mouth:

Hi Stella, Andrew and Haydn,
Thank you for your responses, that’s very kind and helpful, I’m sure we’ll get sorted now.
The usual stumbling block for us is the documentation for our son Tom who doesn’t have a birth certificate but a notarised entry of his birth and entry into a Chinese orphanage, always causes fun that one!
Apologies for the late thank you note, our container arrived from China on Friday and we’re up to our ears in boxes, bubble wrap and things I’d forgotten i had (or thought I’d thrown away!! Oh the joy!!!
Enjoy the weekend!

best of luck… you have a busy time ahead of you…

Organizing our move here, I found boxes in the out-buildings which had been stored from the previous move…27 years before… and, yes, I had to open each and every one… as you say, it’s amazing what stuff we forget we have…