Auto cover


We have lived in France since last July without any auto cover.What is the French equivelent of (RAC/AA) and can you reccommend any.

Regards Bill

We thought we had this when we were insured through Britline, but they told us that our windscreen wiper problem was not insured as part of the home cover. We were packed and ready to go back to UK and it was pouring with rain.

The helpline told us to drive for 40k on an already lethal road and then would come to our rescue!

We have just been told by our newer insurer that they are now giving up on car insurance as they are not making a profit. We had then to cancel our policy with them and if we didn't we would have been denied cover and it would look as though we had been at fault by any new insurer, ie. we had not paid for our policy.

We are going to reinsure with our local Mutuelle in Cluny, but have to wait until the renewal date as refusing to reinsure does not count as a reason to change your insurer!

No wonder that they think that French insurance is overdue for change.

Hi Sheila

We are with Groupama. My wife is the French speaker,but not here at the moment,so i cannot read my policy,but will check it when She is.

Thanks Bill

Bill, check your policy details. We are with MMA and have a very good broker. He arranged our car insurance when we first came here 3 years ago, and it includes breakdown cover, and crucially (for us) it covers us from our front door, i.e., if the car won't start one morning outside the house, the breakdown people will come. Not all policies over this, and I know some members have been caught out because their breakdown cover only kicked in if they were more than 30 kms away from home. However, unlike AA (in Ireland, don't know about UK), the car is covered here whereas with AA, it's the member that's covered.

it's nearly always included in your insurance policy ;-)