Auto Entrepeneur - registering as a Chambres d'Hotes

Hi, this is my first time on the forum.

I have tried really hard to find the answer to this question but to no avail.

My husband and I have a newly started Chambres d'Hotes business and I am in the process of registering as an auto-entrepeneur. The form asks if your spouse is included and I was going to tick yes, however, someone from the Chamber of Commerce said that if we do this we will pay more taxes?

We want to do this correctly and if we pay more taxes, so be it. We both have our Carte Vitale as we are still covered health wise for a little while from the UK.

Can we both register on the same form for the business or do we have to do separate forms?

Hi Doug

Thanks for your reply and yes it does help. The Chambre d'hote is our main source of income at the moment, however, when my husband has finished doing works on it, he may take on building work in the future as he is a qualified builder. He will then register in his own right - I think it is with the Chamber Metiers? Do you know if when this happens, it will impact if I put him down as a dependant now on my AE registration?

Thanks for your help with this, really appreciated.


Doug, any source of income should be declared, whether small or large.

That's given me something to think about, thanks John

Hi Colette - do not register as an auto entrepreneur!

It of course depends on how many rooms you have - we have 2/3 ( 8 people - some sort of occupancy most of the time/ usually full occupancy during ' the season' )here in Le Centre at - and got so much conflicting advice about what sort of registration we needed that we realised that it was best just to let the Marie and the local Tourist office know we existed and leave it at that.

Seems to have worked for the last three years

I think the tax is based around 23% of your earnings on that basis , but different tax rules kick in if you earn over 100 % of your other incomes ( Pensions, France based job etc), more rooms etc.

A bit sketchy I know - do not have all the info to hand - , but I have heard nothing but woe from those who became auto entrepreneurs ( and I think their tax status is going to change shortly, and I would guess not to their advantage) not to mention the downside of getting into the clutches of the Chambre du Commerce.

Best of luck, John