anyone know if there’s an english speaking helpline for the auto-entrepeneur system? we’ve just signed the husband up as a stonemason and general builder, but i think we’ve been cajoled into paying a company to do it for us…? oops. Now we’re getting emails by the bucket load and post by the shed load, and really all i want to do is crack on with paying his tax (monthly?) and doing his very simple accounts… and make sure it’s all working properly

Sorry to be so hopeless!

Teresa x

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thanks very much Andrew… yes, we’ve been had i guess. i’ll need to find a good french speaker to get us out of it and stop the 9.99 euro / month direct debit … oh dear. i’ve started to read the various threads on here and probably need to lie down in a quiet room… Still as you say we have three years to get our heads round it before it becomes even more complex.
x teresa

Yes there are plenty of us but I’ve got no idea if there’s anything in english - I’ve been an AE since it was launched but no one at hte urssaf or elsewhere knew what it was about. as for using a company to set things up… I think you realised you’ve been had - no need at all. and you won’t pay any tax and charges sociales until you start earning. the government’s AE site is very complete and answers pretty much all the questions asked plus as already said there have been loads of questions and answers here already - look through the older forum titles

bonne chance :wink:

you’re an angel rebekah, i knew there’d be something here… much thanks teresa

There was a discussion about this in May called ‘How to: create a micro-enterprise and tax implications’ and I asked loads of questions (!), it was very helpful. It was started by Inigo Alustiza. If you can find it and like it it’ll save onto your page and you can refer back to it. I do hope this helps. Rebekah

come on guys… one or two of you MUST be in the Auto-Ent system?