Auto-entrepreneur and insurance

Hello everyone. I just wondered if anyone could recommend a company for business insurance - résponsiblité civile professionnelle which I think I need for a profession liberale. Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks for the answers. I was teaching but now want to start up an office services/translating business. I already have résponsibilité civile with my house insurance but I think I would still need the résponsiblité civile professionnelle. Do any of you know the website which gives advice to small business owners in English?

Know what you're saying Tracy ;-)

If only you could see the list of things, I have to 'get around to' this site does not help at all! In my defence, I have to say I rarely watch TV, so this is my way of relaxing and I pick up lots of useful (and useless sometimes) information.

Hi Louise

We run a business and use the company below, who are French but speak perfect English. They can source a policy to suit your needs and business activity. Ask for Lena Eaton initially, as she deals with the business insurance. Very efficient and painless service. So much so that we also use them for our Mutuelle now.

Please mention that Debbie Thomas Of Les Bons Voisins recommended you, very grateful for that

Agence EATON

BP 30
Tel : + 33 (0) 2 97 40 80 20
Fax : + 33 (0) 2 9746 44 31
ORIAS 07 020 237

Good luck with that


you're just too sensible Tracy, but I must get round to sorting it out...!

At 12 euros a month it's not worth being without for me.

Yes, compulsory for some professions but not all - up to individual discretion for the rest. As for résponsibilité civile (non professional) - that's compulsory for everyone no matter what but is nearly always included in contents insurance. Three years on and I still haven't got any professional RC but I'm not really in a very high risk group of prof libérale... until it all goes pear shaped one day that is :-O

It is compulsory for some professions but not all - however, it should be compulsory. I use La Poste at the moment but I believe I have to change soon as they only insure AE if you are already salaried.

What do you do for a living as it is more difficult for some than others?

Do NOT believe them, they are wrong!

We asked at Axa who insure our cars & caravan, they took a little time to sort the policy but it worked out in the end.

Good luck.

I already tried my house insurance, Thelem, but they didn't do it and told me I didn't need it, which I don't really believe as I think it is compulsory even if you work from home.

I went to my local insurance agent and they found me a policy with Groupe Solly Azar. Sorry I cannot give more detail as I am currently in UK and not at home.

Just about any of the big insurers, just shop around and see what suits you best. Neither of us found much in it at the end of the day.