Auto-Entrepreneur Banking options

My wife started what has become a successful business in Landes in October 2019 and banked with the local CIC bank branch for both business and personal purposes. She has now received notification that the FOUR accounts in her name will shortly be closed - these being a business current account, her personal current account and two accounts for her minor children.

These accounts have always been maintained in good order with no issues arising in the three and a half years since opening but no explanation has been offered as to why the bank wants to close them other than that their head office (the “hierarchy”) have taken the decision and locally staff claim to have no idea of the reasons.

My personal banking in France has been with HSBC (internet) since 2019 but my HSBC personal councellor states that they do not offer small business banking services, either via the internet or local branches.

Any current suggestions please? Incidentally she needs a card reader facility which is not available with a personal account which might otherwise have served the purpose.

Our vet has a business account with Credit Agricole I think and she has a card reader for payments from her clients with Zettle. Would this help?

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Thank you so much for prompt reply. I suspect a vet would be too high-turnover for auto-entrepreneur status (if that proves to be an obstacle with other banks) but certainly worth adding Credit Agricole to the list of contenders to contact!

Wise do a business account. It’s simple and free.

Card readers - there’s a lot better options than banks these days - zettle etc.

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Just to update - after uncooperative or unhelpful reactions from HSBC and SG, Credit Agricole could not have been more helpful with immediate opening of personal account and quick rdv to set in motion the new business account with a much more appropriate and much cheaper option for credit card acceptance. There may be a one week delay when customers will have to pay by cash but all perfectly manageable.
Thanks for the responses.


I’ve only just seen this thread or would have responded earlier. I’m SO pleased that you’ve found a solution to the business banking dilemma. My partner had a personal account with CIC, which they wrote to him about saying they were closing it and didn’t want to continue the relationship. When he went to see them about this, as we were mystified, it was all swept under the carpet as a “misunderstanding” but we never understood why.

So, when he wanted an auto-entrepreneur account, he went to Credit Agricole and his experience exactly matched yours. There has never been a problem and they have been most helpful. I would like to wish you and your wife continued success in your ventures!

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This may all be sorted now, but here in the UK I use Square for in-person card payments - also available in France:

Pretty much sorted now - with a few hitches with Credit Agricole - but always good to have other options and I wasn’t aware of this one.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond

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