Auto Entrepreneur revenue limit scrapped

Confusion still reigns concerning the future of the AutoEntrepreneur (AE) status. Ever since trades minister Sylvia Pinel announced plans to change the regime, suggesting that those in traditional trades will have a two-year limit and a €19,000 maximum income, there have been widespread protests. However, the plan to limit AEs to a maximum turnover of €19,000 have been dropped from the proposals going before the cabinet next week.

This move comes after the protests from AEs who pointed out that such a revenue limit for artisans and professionals would be the end of the simplified business regime – which last month saw a record 893,000 auto-entrepreneurs in business.

Last year auto-entrepreneurs accounted for business totalling €1.3billion.

More draft proposals mentioned in Connexion. Same ceilings as previously announced but re phrasing it somewhat to link it to the minimum wage. Still trying to placate the artisans, it seems.

and Hollande who threatened to scrap the scheme entirely if he was ellected - we've heard it all in the last few years and as ever, nothing's changed!

No,indeed. No decision has been made but it seems clear there is a tug of war going on between between the factions in governmemt - those, who want to appease the Unions and Artisans such as the Prime Minister and those, who are focussed on whats best for the economy like Moscovici, the Finance minister.

in fact, as the media have been reporting, nothing's really been decided yet...!

This sentence in the Figaro article worries me because , if I have understood it, it seems to be saying that the reforms will amount to more than just a change of threshold levels. So we could still see time limits coming in for AE's.

Le journal précise que le niveau du seuil sera fixé ultérieurement par décret et qu'il ne sera plus le principal marqueur de la réforme.

I note that the article and none of the other media reports talk of the threshold for 'commercants'. They seem to forget we exist as AE's.

It is mentioned by the spokesperson for the Poussins organisation, but he is surely wrong about the levels of threshold for "commercants' currently in force :-

Les Poussins refusent une limitation du "chiffre d'affaires car il y a déjà un seuil de fixé à 32.000 euros pour les services et 47.000 pour le commerce", insiste M. Sergent pour qui ce seuil est "déjà relativement bas".

I am pretty sure my threshold is around 80,000 without looking it up at the moment. I think 47,000 was the reduced level announced in June of this year.

Roll on the decree or proposition de Loi, so we know what on earth is going to happen to us.

Hmmm, it's not clear after reading some other articles today...

However, if you read this text

In Le Figaro it says

Le journal précise que le niveau du seuil sera fixé ultérieurement par décret et qu'il ne sera plus le principal marqueur de la réforme.

So the battle is not over yet, just delayed.

How on earth do they get all these laws sorted in August when everyone else in France is on holiday? Or did I just answer my own question?

Instead of simplifying the whole self-employed structure in France, M. Hollande and his gang of robbers want to make it MORE complicated. Only a socialist government could try to STOP people from working.....It beggars belief!!!!

Oh great news!!!