Auto-Entrepreneurs now exonerated from CFE for first FOUR years!

This news is just in from the FEDAE site

This does sound to me as though the community is being listened to and elsewhere on the site, I have read of an exoneration for all AE's this year - see below

Le gouvernement annonce ce lundi 12/11/2012 que les auto-entrepreneurs sont exonérés pour les 4 premières années d'activité. La demande de la FEDAE de revoir et d'amender le mode de calcul parfois injuste de cette taxe a été entendue !

Ainsi, en 2012, pas un seul auto-entrepreneur de France ne paiera de CFE. Ceux qui ont déjà reçu un courrier avec une CFE non nulle à payer doivent renvoyer un courrier de demande d'exonération.

En pleine période de crise économique généralisée, des individus, des hommes, des femmes, des étudiants, des retraités, des salariés, des demandeurs d'emploi, des fonctionnaires... ont relevé le défi de la construction d'une nouvelle croissance.

Nous vous invitons à nous rencontrer le lundi 12 novembre à partir de 17H30 lors de la Fête de l'entrepreneur pour la dernière finale du Startup Contest "de l'auto-entrepreneur à la PME".

Nous remettrons avec EBP les Prix Coup de Coeur du Jury et le Prix Success Story avec Ludovic Badeau, ex auto-entrepreneur lancé en avril 2010, aujourd'hui à la tête d'une entreprise de 10 salariés facturant plus d'1,8 millions d'euros de chiffre d'affaires !

[The letter template you need is on this page here letter for the degrevement]

and this is a direct link to download the Word doc.

I've just received the CFE 'Notice pour Remplir la Declaration Initiale'. I'll need to google translate the entire lot but if there's anything I should be looking out for / beware of specifically, please can you give a shout before I fill it in.

Thank you.

Can any body point me in the direction of an “idiots guide to CFE” please. I just received a letter telling me i owe it! Then spoke to a helpful lady on the phone telling me I’m exempt for the first 3 years… Before it was 2 but i just heard it was 4… Slightly confuddled about the whole thing. merci

@Lianne (& others) As promised, here is the letter that I'm sending to our Impots office. I notice this morning that "Start Business in France" have put one on their site for free! So you can cut & paste as you like!! Hope it helps.

PS - Any comments welcome!!

Madame, Monsieur,

Demande de l’Exonération de la Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises

L’Administration m’a adressé, en tant qu’auto-entrepreneur, un avis d’imposition foncière des entreprises pour un montant de XXX € (copie de l’avis ci-joint).
Je comprends, selon des communiqués de la Presse de 12 novembre 2012, que le gouvernement a annoncé une prolongation d'un an de l'exonération de contribution foncière des entreprises (CFE) des auto-entrepreneurs, ainsi, en 2012, pas un seul auto-entrepreneur de France ne paiera la CFE.
Dans ces conditions et car j’ai déjà reçu un courrier avec un avis d’imposition CFE à payer, je veux que vous acceptiez ce courrier comme demande de l’exonération de la CFE pour 2012 et je sollicite le dégrèvement du montant de XXX€ dont le paiement m’a été demandé.
Dans l'attente de votre réponse, veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de ma considération distinguée.

I got my CFE demand a few days ago. It was 0€, but they did say how they had worked it out. It would have been 20% of turnover. For me that is not a lot but I suppose it could be huge for some if it really does have a ceiling of 2,000€. Thank goodness for four years gratis.

@Jill, you raise a good point so am going to start a new discussion for it!!

Thanks @Jocelyn, post it on here I am sure many would benefit. @Jill, yes AE was the only option for me although a lot of the time in France I feel I'm going 2 steps forward and 1 step back (or vice versa at times!).

@ Lianne - that stumped me a bit too (I started my AE in 2009 so was expecting to pay this year) so I've just said in my letter that ....I understand from announcements made in the Press that the government has announced a years extension to the exoneration of CFE for AEs and that no AEs will have to pay CFE in 2012. In these circumstances & because I have received a bill I would like then to accept my letter as a request to be exonerated from CFE and I am asking for relief from the tax already demanded.... I'm getting the French checked this afternoon when I go to French class so can let you have a copy if you think the above would suit your situation

Please share this with all your friends as I have discovered that some sites purporting to help start up businesses in France are attempting to charge for a standard letter. Given the info is widely available online, this is pretty poor behaviour and not what AE's need!!

Experienced AEs, taking this new announcement into consideration would you advise others to become an AE? I am a qualified teacher trying to get some teaching hours and want to know if it is worth my while becoming an AE so I can try and work with companies directly. Any advice you have would be much appreciated!

The link for the letter for degrevement is really useful, but what is '(préciser les références légales de l’exonération). I've put that I'm an AE and precisely what I do, but the next bit stumped me.

Here is another article from BatiActu that puts it in the context of entrepreneurs in the building game.

Hope this is useful.

I remember filling out a form for this at the start of AE and I measured my office, I presume they've looked at the Tax Fonciere you pay and worked out a proportion of it?

One can only surmise? It could be a functionary throwing darts at a board with sums of money on them for all we know. I must say I am occasionally amazed how we have had different bills when we have worked together and thus all resources, income or anything at all is without a hair's breadth of difference.

By the way, here is a better link for the letter for the degrevement- the first one was PDF and /difficult to change, this one is in Word.

Actually my bill is the higher - he does use more space and he's also a lot messier:-) but why different amounts?

Tracy - could it be the good old chestnut? He is a bloke so needs more space, but that does not logically mean he will get the higher bill! ;-)

It is ridiculous though as you couldn't hire out a corner of your bedroom to someone else to use as an office! Well certainly not in my house with 3 aged 3 and under!

Baffles me - why have my husband and I received totally different demands when, obviously, we share the same house! We don't even have an office, just a desk each in various corners of the house?

Now I am really muddled. Finn has had a thread going for ages about a minimum contribution for ae's of 1500'ish euros which I thought was a social charge, that may come in with the budget next year. I thought I had to deregister by 31st December to avoid this. As most of my business is over the Christmas period this suits me well as if the minimum charge doesn't come in I can register again next year. I wasn't aware that I could claim for work space in my house. Oh help - what should I do now?