Auto speed controls on VW and Skoda

Just got a 4 yr old VW Tiguan with updated navigation software and the nationl speed limit for none urban roads showing as 80kph in settings. The system is designed such that all single none urban roads default to the national limit…now 80kph. However when leaving an urban area (and there is no 80kph sign) quite often the speed limit reverts to (the old) 90kph which means the speeding warning doesn’t beep until that speed is reached.
But somtimes when leaving a none urban round about or junction the 90 then changes to the correct 80kph.
No point in posing question on VW community site as this issue is unique to France having moved from 90 to 80…although a few depts’ allowing 90kph on some roads.
Just wonder if any member with a VAG car with speed sign recognition has same problem.

Have you done a mise a jour of the software? We don’t rely on the technology, so can’t be sure if it deciphers it correctly now or not.

I reckon that these newer cars are far too complicated for their own good. My car mad, computer savvy son, drives a Skoda where he has plugged in his laptop and turned all the annoying things off.

…@ robert …au contraire as Del boy woud say, i love it, plan a journey, see it on the screen (and in front of the wheel), estimate arrival, divert away from jams, time travelled, fuel consumed, speed warning, adaptive cruise control, drive to a location identified on a map, nearest car park, fuel stations (incl current price) shopping malls, find the nearest of… eg Lapayere…i could go on ! Wonderful!@

Yep software all up to date, first thing I did

I’ll ask my son he has a new T-Cross that breaks automatically, moves away from white lines and has the speed recognition thing as well. He hasn’t mentioned anything but most of his journeys are town bases where you can’t do 40kph let alone a higher speed.

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We drive a Skoda Octavia and find the built in navigation a PITA! We use Waze on my iPhone. A bonus is the display of the speed limit hopefully kept up to date and actual speed - or very near to it. It has an audible alert when speed limit is exceeded. Waze isn’t completely free of quirks but we prefer it.

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Del speaks significantly better French than I do!