Autobiz, useful, con, or a waste of time?

I receive regular emails from this company in my spam box but have always discarded them. But today, as I have a mind to sell the older of my 2 cars, I had a look at it, without clicking on anything of course.

My questions are. Has anybody used this service to sell a car and what has been the result? Also is it similar to the much advertised We Buy Any Car, in the UK?
Any reports of a con or bad practice?

How old is the car?
I know a couple who are looking for a vehicle.

I think about 17 years, Citroen Berlingo diesel, the top of the range in its day with all the above storage etc and tinted windows in the roof. Darkened windows all round at the back too because in my early days of dog transporting I used to sleep in the back with the passengers. :rofl:

Upside, it has just passed first time its CT and has a spare still-packed-and-palleted never been used since reconditioned gearbox to be included in the sale.

Downside, just under 441,000 kms on the clock.
I used to do 80,000 kms/yr with the dogs, in the last year just 360. :slightly_smiling_face:

Impressive milage.

PM sent.