Is anyone having problems with the AE site. I am trying to make our quarterly declaration and payment but it won't take me to the usual page. Not that I am anxious to pay them, but I don't fancy the fine.

Yes, I was surprised my demand did not come the moment 1 April arrived. It seems they are down until 7 April for some work. However, that does not stop you going to net enterprises and making your declaration/paying. Personally, I wait until as close as possible to the end of the month, there is something symbolically soothing about holding on to the money until the very last moment.


My wife is the AE. She is away this month ,so i will be filling in the form,i go away at the end of the month,so i am hoping the form comes in time.

I did not know that you could do it online,just looked on google,too many sites.

which is the correct site and how soon can it be done.



Thanks all. Suppose I was trying to be too efficient (forgot last quarter and nearly got fined).

The site is expected to go live on Tuesday, it’s been out of action since the start of the year.

Hi I agree you normally have to wait until the 19th.

Probably not open yet, it's the same at the beginning of every year. I believe you have to the end of the month to declare anyway.