Automatic renewal of health insurance

Last year as part of remortgaging I did a review of our expenditure and found I could save almost a hundred euro a month off my health insurance by switching to the bank. I signed up and they said their automatic process would cancel the old policy for me. So this month I've been debited for two lots of health insurance, the old and the new. I contacted my new insurer who sent me the proof of their letter being received by the old insurer back in April and a copy of their letter. I've now emailed the broker for the old insurer with these scanned copies and I'm still waiting to hear back. They are in the wrong and I have proof but it does show once again how important the Avis de reception Document is to keep when sending official notices off. I should be reimbursed the premium Theyve taken in error this month....when that will be is another question!

Thought id share to remind you of sending your notices off with proof receipt and keeping it