Autumn projects

As the nights get a little shorter, and the days get a little cooler, who is doing what on the project front?

I have just finished an afghan crochet rug, and have a pair of curtains in the making on the cutting table as well.

I am also packing up a PARCELS PLEASE parcel with the above, plus some vintage French sheeting from the60's to make serviettes for my daughter, some vintage fabric strips for Sandie Shaw style headbands, plus some fabric for some cushion covers. This will arrive ahead of me and I will be doing that at my daughters in October.

I am away en vacances next week, and I have packed a discarded quilting project I bought on e bay, plus a half finished poncho for my youngest daughter.

Lots on the go - what are you doing?

I am 3/4 of the way through a knitted kimono jacket but have to spin some more wool to finish it. Typical spinner I think I have enough and then find I haven't so I now make pieces that I can stop at an equilateral place to continue with wool of another color to make it look intentional. I have a fabulous pattern from Dovetail designs by Val Love. Number K2.14 - it's an oldie but a goody as it is mostly garter stitch with just one row of pearl every 3rd row to make reverse stocking stitch which means it has lovely warm ridges. It is knitted from the bottom up so no seams other than the side ones. Long Harmony needles are essential though, you know the ones with the memory cable in the middle and lovely wooden colored ends.

I was extremely lucky as I picked up Filz It felting merino in Noz in Pontivy and have spun it instead, when this is finished I am looking forward to using my Ouessant sheep fleeces and varieagated hand dying on some 3 ply wool I found in Emuas. I love the winter as I can just sit and spin and so on (when I am not typing for a living that is) and now that my back is more healed (I broke a vertebra 18 months ago) I look forward to getting back to my weaving. There is also the unfinshed patchwork quilt and so on.

Anyone near my area who has similar interests and would like to join me for lunch - let me know by email and I will see what I can arrange so that I do not have to work that day.

Oh there is a Circus Exhibition in Vanne up to the 1st October and old clown costumes have been mentioned in case anyone is interested -

Well must go now as loads of housework, feeding dogs, sheep, cat and typing to do. How do we fit it all in? (Washing to hang up between showers also).

Creative autumnal update from the Creuse:-

Crochet motif throw for the back of the settee finished and in place. Another crochet motif WIP - haven't decided whether it will end up as a shawl, a poncho or a bed throw yet - will have to make a decision soon, though. The remainder of time has been eaten up by my other passion - porcelain painting, but that doesn't really belong on this group.

I actually look forward to the 'dark' part of the year, when I can dedicate much more time to my 'creative' pursuits.