Availability of Dialysis in France - can anyone help?

Last weekend Les Bons Voisins was on board Brittany Ferries providing a workshop for property owners helping with all sorts of queries about property management in France. We had one lovely family raise an issue we couldn't help with, and I wonder if any of you can help me point them in the right direction.

A couple who are retired would like to come and live in France. However the wife has no kidneys and is dependent on dialysis 3 times a week. Is there anybody out there who knows whether this would be possible - given it's a pre-existing condition, how would the regulations apply for them to swop countries? It's totally outside my sphere of expertise, but the family were delightful and I should like to help them if I can by finding out accurate information for them!

Hi, I have done the telephoning for this before - if someone tells their home hospital in the UK that they will be in France it will contact the regional dialysis centre (in Bordeaux, for us in Aquitaine) who then organise it with the local dialysis centre (Bergerac, in this case) & it is all very straightforward or has been when I have looked into it (I had to find out about what happens this end for people who couldn't speak French - I didn't deal with the UK end).

Hello Sally, I read your post with great interest and some surprise, somehow I didn't expect dialysis covered here, but I am most grateful that it is, I am trying to grab every bit of information possible.

We, my husband and I are going to live in France for the next several years due to business, beginning next year that I am excited about, here is the worry. I have a son 33 who is on dialysis and would he be able to receive treatment in France while he is vising us? I know most posts and concerns here are amongst British people,we are in the US until the spring and than in France. but if anyone here has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Glad to hear that Sally!

Can I just say thank you so much for the information! I had a phonecall from a SFN member this morning who came to France on dialysis and has since had a successful transplant, so have plenty to feed back to the family concerned.

Many thanks!

I would advise extreme caution if they are retired and if they may need to return to UK for treatment.
At present the CLEISS is refusing UK retirees with the form S1 the right to obtain the form S2 to return to the UK for pre-planned treatment. See the article in this month’s Connexion. This happened to me and to another lady.
They are doing this in contravention of EU Regulations and even though there are discussions going on between the UK government and the CLEISS, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a quick outcome.

Hello Sally,

I have had a quick search on this but can't find any information. I would suggest looking at this site and eventually calling them for more information.


Hope it helps :)