Available space for workshops, conferences, gatherings

We are deep in the heart of dept36’ and run a reiki retreat here. It seems that there is little chance for much sharing going on, given that France is such a huge country and we are all so spread out.

In order to maybe address this a bit, we would like to offer OUR space for some get - together, meetings, conferences, sharings etc…anything where people could come together for exchange.

We have an enormous woodland garden, a fire pit and a beautiful and large 15C barn which can be used all year round.

I realise that there are even fewer of us in 36 , but maybe that doesn’t matter?

If you’d be interested in running any kind of workshop or gathering, or a place to host development workshops - it might even just be a musical thing, anything where you might need a big space, a kitchen and a bathroom! - drop me a line. We could provide any catering you might need too…

Here is our space. Any good for you? www.openingspace.co.uk