Avian flu

Word is going round that hens should be kept inside; apparently one can get round this if food is kept only in the hut so other birds cannot eat it, as they are potential carriers.

This is only hearsay, but we have had to register our flock at the mairie.

Can readers please enlighten us?

I've heard of people having to register that they have birds and net their area to stop wild birds getting in but it depends on whether you are in one of the areas affected. I'm not aware of any such controls where I am in the Charente yet, but I've put off getting chickens for now until it's sure we're not going to be affected, as I'm not that far from some of the areas which are affected. Here is the page which gives the current situation and the areas affected http://agriculture.gouv.fr/influenza-aviaire-la-situation-actuelle-en-france