Avis d impot 2020

Morning I have a quick question for the great knowledgeable on here
I sold our house where we lived for 16 years in France last December,
Had a few problems off the new owners but now sorted
Today we received a letter at our home in the UK from Avis d Impot 2020 for a sum of money my question is, that is this from year to year or partial year as there is no dates to and from and should this have gone to the new ownerswho live there, The sum demanded is the same as most years we lived there so could someone shed some light on this please


Hi @George46

I am wondering if you have been sent this year’s Avis/bill… by mistake… this does happen from time to time…

Was your Sale fully completed before 1st January 2020 ???

If this is the taxes d’habitation the if you were still living there on 1st Jan 2019 then you pay it for that year. It should say taxe d’habitation on second line

EDIT: I think I must have lost a few marbles this morning…yes taxe d’hab is based on who is in house on Jan 1st, but we are about to pay the 2020 bill not 2019. So you shouldn’t have been imposed. Sorry for that confusion…

Yes completed December 22

Mmmm… I would have thought that let you off paying such housing bills in 2020… :upside_down_face:

January 1st is the date bandied about…

As far as I am aware (and others will chime in)…

When a property is sold… during the year… there is often an arrangement by the Notaire to apportion the Taxe Foncière (Owner’s Tax) between the 2 parties…

But with your selling date 22 December, … you would presumably have already paid both 2019 Foncière and 2019 Habitation taxes… wouldn’t you ??? and nothing needed to be apportioned.

If you did pay everything last year… as far as I can see, from what you have told us… there is no liability to bills in 2020.

The Tax folk need to know of the change of ownership… asap… it’s probably just a hiccup in their system.

perhaps drop them a line…

Thank you all for the replies I was under the same impression that when you sign the notaire splits it , I am sure the tax people have not changed their records and will contact them to inform them thank you all so much



maybe also contact the notaire who handled the sale on your behalf to seek his view.

Hi I have mailed someone who can deal with this locally as they are at work till this evening reply may be late thank you all again there is definately a slip up somewhere


Why do people think it’s taxes d’hab? Couldn’t be the balancing statement for income tax?

OP did say “it was similar to previous years” which sort of lead me to thinking it a household tax. Also didn’t say they were resident, just that they had a house they lived in. Perhaps OP will clarify in due course…

(We are nowhere near receiving our avis for impôt sur revenu, as often don’t get it until December…)

I got mine a couple of weeks ago, about the same time as the TF bill - happy days (not​:persevere::persevere:)

Seems the Avis arrives at different times. We have had ours since early September and already first of 4 payments gone from our account via prelevement so will be all paid off by December.
Just when we were looking forward to November and December being free of Tax fonc and hab payments having made them from January to October.
Tax fonc gone up by 20 euros for next year so not bad but we are soon to be clobbered by a tax on rubbish that can’t be recycled.
All tax is rubbish, nothing changes :frowning: