Avocet ABS Snap Secure Euro Cylinder Lock

In October 2013 we bought a number of Avocet ABS Snap Secure Euro Locks from a company in the UK and had them suited so that all the locks share the same key.
One of these locks (garage door half lock) has just fallen apart and the original company in UK seems uninterested or has gone bust since we have not received any response from them
An alternative company in the UK has quoted £75 including carriage for the replacement (rip off Britain merchant!). The original cost was £28.95.
Does anyone know of a company in France (we are in the Charente) who can supply a half cylinder (10/35) garage door lock suited to the code we have?

I don’t know anyone in France Graham but I am sure I could get that sorted for you for a lot less in the UK.
I was a locksmith for a while and have a few connections.

Oh brilliant John, thanks…
Tell me what you need from me.
I can pm you if preferred with the spec.

We have seven (7) eurolocks, all keyed alike. We originally had five, but as we wanted more we just toddled off to our local locksmith with a key and let her do the business of supplying two more locks.

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That works if the lock is stocked locally, different key blanks, different pins etc. If there is a local who stocks Avocet then they maybe able to help.
My rellys couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get a key cut for their UK locks.

I think that you have misunderstood my post. At over 200€ per cylinder, the lock barrels were certainly not a stock item. The locksmith sent my supplied key to the manufacturers to have the extra barrels produced.

were they gold plated?
We are baulking at paying £75 including postage for a half lock (with no key) for garage doors. Our brass ones in 2013 were £37.50 each for thumb locks (key one side only, the reverse had a thumb lock) plus postage.

It’s the interpretation. A locksmith should be able to strip and re-pin a cylinder to the spec supplied.
A local locksmith should mean someone capable of this work, not just someone acting as a paid clerk.
Different lock cylinders will have different spec pins (dia, cut anti-bump etc) hence why a local stockist would be required