Avoiding falling victim to online scams

Yes I forgot to mention the cheque scams.

Thanks Sheila for adding that.

Great post, James. Can I just add the one I get a lot - email seeking to reserve rooms for a number of "delegates" or "Christian delegates". The wording is usually along the lines of seeking accommodation in your area for a conference, etc., etc., and asking me to reply "tabulating" the costs. They also usually ask if I will take payment by cheque. Most of us know what will happen next - cheque arrives for much more than the amount due, with a request to refund the excess payment.

I cannot re-iterate enough the comment about Western Union.

Hardly anyone in France has even heard of Western Union, so if this is ever, ever mentioned, cease contact with the person immediately.

thanks for the really useful summary of things to look out for

Great advice, thanks


If possible, review any suspicious emails on an iThing as 99% of the exploits spammers/hackers use are written to work on Windows.

As said before, always inspect the email address.