AXA car insurance - rescue services?

Does AXA operate the usual breakdown service like other car insurance companies? I’ve just noticed on my renewal/green card that there’s no number to call in the event of breakdown or accident out on the road (unlike my wife’s policy with Allianz). So who do I call if I need rescue services?

I’m pretty sure that my Axa (only just changed to them) policy does cover that, but it is pouring down outside at the moment and I have already got soaked walking the dogs, so perhaps you will excuse me from going to the car to check for a while.

Later, unless someone else comes up with confirmation. :wink:

Ours (Areas) certainly does and I thought it was compulsory. I suggest you phone your broker/agent and ask.

Ours also…I have insured several vehicles with AXA for many years and have had cause to use their breakdown service on at least a couple of occasions. No complaints.

Well it seems that others have a breakdown phone number - can anyone tell me what it is please, and where did you find it?

Sorry, don’t know for Axa but ours is on the back of the plastic pocket you stick on the windscreen to hold your insurance “stamp” that shows you’ve paid. It means it’s always in the car.

Thanks Sue, sadly mine doesn’t have such useful info.

AXA Assistance…01 5592 2692.
AXAGlass (en cas de bris de glace) 09 7082 0018.
Hope this helps.

That’s great, Damian, thank you.

It’s an 01 number, I see, I hope they’ve heard of the Languedoc!

Brian… why don’t you phone your insurance agent… are they local?? Do they have an emergency contact number …possibly it means leaving a message on the answerphone…??

I might well get there, Stella. However, I’ve only discovered the lack of emergency number today, also I don’t know my agent - AXA moved me arbitrarily to someone new last year for some reason. I have their phone number, but nothing about emergencies. But I’m not using the car at the moment, so there’s time to find out.

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Sounds like you’re certainly short in the usual phone numbers… that’s very slap-happy of them. in my view.

Re the car… you want it sorted asap… and then keep the number in the car and possibly with your driving licence… then, should the worst happen… you’ll know just who to call… :thinking: :upside_down_face:

best of luck

We’ve been with AXA since the late 90s (minus 7 years back on Oz). They have always sent a little card to keep in our wallet with the numbers (not that I do :rofl: :rofl:

One time the man shape was on the way back to the UK with our old BX FULL of stuff (we were moving back to Oz and trying to move it over via the UK as oculdn’t get a quote from France!). He broke down about 3 hours from home, they were fabulous, paid for a hotel for the night then he got a hire car to go home, they offered something small but he pointed out he had a car full so they gave him a station wagon so he could put all our boxes in it. A couple of days later the car was returned to us on a truck.

That’s my objective!


Well perhaps if I wander into my new agency, they might press just such a card into my little paw. One way or another, I think that’s the way to go.

Thanks everyone!

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