AXA insurance

Just wonder if anyone has had a similar situation with Axa France....I sold my house in France in August, to move to Spain; Notified my AXA agent in Normandy firstly by email back in May followed by a registered letter of cancellation to him and also to the company client dept, for my health, house and car insurance for which I paid by monthly direct debit. With the car insurance I did request for confirmation that my two cars could be covered for two months ; I heard nothing; telephoned and left messages and emailed, then wrote again, to him and client services;Again no reply. I moved to Spain and expected some response as I emailed again along with a letter asking for confirmation of whether the cars were insured or not. In the meantime the direct debits for all policies went through, so I advised my bank to stop all future payment, thinking that would set off alarm bells and get a response.Still not being sure if I was insured or not and not wishing to take a chance I hired a car in Spain; end of September I decided to sell the cars ;I then received an email from the agent confirming I had insurance for two months. I complained to him that he hadnt been in contact and emailed the declaration of cessation for the vehicles; There was no response and now I am being inundated wirh demands for the back payments from September through to December and now demands for this years full payment.I have written to him again plus the AXA complaints dept who seem to have their own problems with communication; I had a demand for a payment from a collections company , which I paid, as I dont want bailiffs going to my former home and harressing the new owners. Axa know my new address in Spain and I am happy to pay what ever is owing just to get them off my back, but fear its not going to happen. Have sent a registered letter to an AXA mediator, but so far no reply; I had intended to use AXA Spain for all my insurances here, but now wouldnt touch them.

Hi Grahame, I live in Cantal - Auvergne and have just bought a house in Almeria, Spain. After a couple of months in Spain we've decided to change our life-style, mainly due to the weather, and use our French home as a holiday home in summer and our Spanish home as a main residence for the rest of the year. I am sure there are plenty of bureaucratic steps in France to make this change. Please can you tell me where I should start in France to tell the authorities I now wish my house there to be a holiday home and not a main residence. I pay my taxes in UK anyway as an ex-govt employee; and receive my pensions from UK, and have a Carte Vitale. I hope you are enjoying your move to Spain as we believe it will be significantly better for our health (and pockets). As a PS I also had major problems with Axa and ended up reporting them to the insurance tribunal in Paris before Io got my money back.