B&B in a rental house?

Hello group, and please excuse me if I'm writing this in the wrong forum/blog/discussion/thread - or whatever it's called!

We - husband, me, silly dog - are moving to france in April. Eventually we'll buy a place but for the first while we're going to rent. We'd like to set up a B&B / Chambres in the future.

My question is, are you allowed / is it legal and possible to run a B&B from a RENTED house?

Of course it's possible if the landlord allows it - just like in the UK. I used to have a house in Greenwich, London; my tenants ran a gallery and B&B in it. Five years later they bought it.

Robert -I am sure your answers were made with the best of intentions but they are quite unhelpful and negative - not really very SFN. Maybe you can explain better than I can - thanks!

Hi Teresa

It will very much depend on the landlord...and whether they are agreeable or not.

Good luck!