Baby bear tries to reach its mom by climbing a treacherous snow mountain

(James Higginson) #1

I was hoping this was just a heartwarming slice of nature that we could all enjoy, unfortunately the bears are potentially fleeing the drone used to shoot the footage.

(stella wood) #2

It would be interesting to have some feedback on how the video was obtained etc … we know it was in Russia… but that is about all. It is being assumed (by many) that the bears were running from the drone… but we do not know…:thinking:

(Meghann Robbe) #3

Poor lil moof(bear):bear:

(Helen Wright) #4

I watched this with my heart in my mouth…it’s probably the maternal instinct…I find it indicative of how most moms respond to a perceived threat to their little ones…I think it’s a uni-verse-all instinct…

I struggle daily with many internal conflicts…I recently came across the term “flexitarian”…

I also came across this…