Baby Passport + Livret de Famille

My wife and I got married in the US and we currently live in Amsterdam, NL. I am French, she is Icelandic. We just had a beautiful baby boy and I want to get him a French passport. We didn’t register our marriage with the French consulate in the US so we don’t have a Livret de Famille (I only have my father’s Livret de Famille.)

What do we need to do in order to register our marriage, get our Livret de Famille, and get my son’s French passport?

So far we were told that we need to register our marriage with the consulate in California, USA where we were married, but it sounds ridiculous that we can’t do that here in Amsterdam or in France… Does anyone have experience with this?

We appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Il faut enregistrer le mariage et (dans la foulée) la naissance de l’enfant au consulat responsable du lieu de naissance qui enverra tous les details à Nantes (où sont gardés tous les documents des francais nés à l’etranger).
Si vous ne le faites pas vous n’aurez ni livret de famille ni papiers français pour votre enfant.
Casse-pieds mais c’est comme ça et pas autrement,
Bonne année quand même!


Véro has answered your question but just wanted to say congratulations!


Thank you, Véronique! And thank you Tory! Just a quick clarification (because I have to translate with google) You said that “the child must be registered at the consulate responsible for the place of birth which will send all the details to Nantes” He was born in Amsterdam, NL. So does this mean that the consulate here should help me register my marriage, get my Livret de Famille, and also a passport for my son?

That should be the first thing to do, they should help and if they feel kind they will send everything off for you, and a few weeks later you should get your baby’s extrait de naissance which means you can get a carte d’identité or a passport for him. I don’t mean to be rude in asking this, but I am very curious as to why you needed to translate French with google?

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Because sadly, I have not mastered the beauty that is the French Language. I’m half French & half Colombian, raised in the United States, so I got my citizenship through my father, but I don’t speak the language yet.