Babylon - Help! Don't Want it & Can't delete it!

Any chance someone can help?? When looking for bablefish translator tool, I inadvertently downloaded and installed Babylon on my Internet Explora. I have tried to de-install it but only managed to get ride of the translator tool; I've tried to change back to IE, but my limited knowledge seem to be holding me back! Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much



I know this reply is very late but have been away for a week. If you're still having trouble with Babylon, can I suggest you try Revo Uninstaller. I've been using it for many years with complete success. I have always selected and confirmed all the registry and other files that it suggests deleting without any problems whatsoever. If you haven't already got it you can download it from this link:-

They do both a Freeware and Professional version so if you want the freebie make sure you scroll down the page and click the left-hand download button. I've always found the free version perfectly adequate and only ever use Revo for all uninstalls.


Hmm, that doesn't sound very pleasant at all. The Windows registry can be as much a pain as a help on occasion.

I would permanently move to using Firefox, as these days , there really is no reason to use IE, with all it's well documented security issues.

You might also consider moving to a more safe and secure system like Ubuntu Linux, where this type of thing is not allowed to happen. As it is completely open. It really depends on what you use your computer for.



Steve, it gets embedded into the Windows Registry, so that when you reinstall IE it then simply reloads itself back on. The System Restore would put the Registry back into a condition prior to the initial infestation (rather than infection).

Can't be more annoying than using IE in the first place surely ? :-)

I wonder whether you could get around it by backing up your settings (assume tools exist ) , deleting IE and then re-installing a new copy of IE ?

Thanks Steve, I'll take a look at that. Bon weekend!

Thanks for the reply Steve, this is what I've been doing so far. But bloody annoying!!!

I think it's described officially as adware, software that is paid for by pushing ads to you, but it is the way that it integrates itself into Internet Explorer and the fact that it is so hard to get rid of that has given it such a bad name.

Reading into it, I would suggest (unless you're happy playing around in the Registry - which is NOT recommended) that you do a system restore, I'm hoping that you're running a fairly modern Windows operating system which has this capability.

You could always try using a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome and leave your Babylon "infected" IE for those sites that won't work in anything else

Thanks Steve,

I've taken a look, and you're right - what fun! On the page there is a suggested list of actions which may get rid of it which I'll be trying later. Do you have any idea what it is? Is it just spyware or does it do damage?

Wow - are you in for some fun (NOT), according to THIS PAGE it is a bitch to get uninstalled. It might well be a better option to do a system restore to a date prior to when you accidentally installed it.