Back boiler for French woodburner?

(Harriet Devine) #1

I want to replace my woodburner, brought from the UK some years ago, for a newer model. The reason I got it from the UK is that we run radiators off the back boiler, and obviously need to be able to go on doing this. I've never seen a French stove with a back boiler, though someone told me you can get them, or get them fixed onto an existing stove. Can anyone give me any info on this? I live on the border of Normandy and Brittany, if that's relevant.

(Richard Grear) #2

William, which model do you have?

I fell in love with the Bruno techna - then read some reviews which led me to believe that it works well when working full blast, but does not like to be "kept in".

What is your experience?

(Jan Wallace) #3

Given french prices I'd seriously think about buying in the UK or other european countries where they are much cheaper

(William Hannant) #4

Look up ours works really well

(vincent flannery) #5

There is a distinct difference between "back-boiler" and "wrap-round" boilers that do heating."Back-Boilers" are for hot water only. In Eire, it is common practice to get a "W-R" made to fit an existing stove, by a metal worker.

The biggest problem with boilers in wood burners, is the buildup of black tar on the boilers. This is caused by the jacket never getting as hot as would be the case of there being no boiler: the black stuff is burn't off. With a boiler, you have to chisel it off at least once a year. Despite the stuff being black, it impeedes the transfer of heat.

If your existing boiler is under performing, it could be because the black stuff is stopping it.

My french neighbour recently got delivery of a wood burning range, which takes 50 cms logs and does heating, as well as cooking. It came from Croatia or somewhere in that area. he bought it on the web.

Godin used to make burners that did heating and cooking, we had one, bought second hand from a french farmer.

(Christopher Wilkinson) #6

Hi Harriet,

Our wood burning stove heats a large 600 litre storage tank upstairs and is gravity fed.

I'm not a plumbing expert, but is seems to be a bog standard stove with connections for a flow and return pipe.

Brittany too, by the way.


(Harriet Devine) #7

Great -- just what I needed to know. Thanks.

(Richard Grear) #8

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