Back to Work

After spending quite a while staying at home to look after the children whilst my wife has been working, I'm almost at the stage of getting back to work.

I've registered with the Pôle Emploi and I have a interview with them next month. Does anyone have any pointers about what I can expect here?

I can't say that my French is outstanding but I can get along to an extent. Saying that I'm concerned that this will obivously limit the field of jobs I can apply for.

Looking forward to hearing others tales in the world of French jobland.

Courage ! You'll have a better chance if you have some specific skills to offer and have good French, be prepared to do just about anything, do the rounds of the temping agencies too; often better than pôle emploi and a foot in the door for an eventual cdi. Good luck, it's tough out there for natives, even more so for non natives...!