Bad debt ... how do I "set the dogs on them"?

In the five years since we opened the hotel for business we have never had a "bad debt". Until March that is. It is not a large amount - 61 euros - but it is annoying me. The booking was made by a company in Ile-de-France and was for one guy, for one night, demi-pension. The company is ignoring my emails with their invoice, but I HAVE had "read receipts", so I know they have been received. The last one threatened them with "further action". They seem to be calling my bluff. Anyone got any suggestions? Is there an easy way to "set the dogs on them"?

Well!! Surprise surprise!!! A cheque for €61 turned up this morning! After months of badgering by me and a French friend, they (Econocom Services of Puteaux 92800) FINALLY coughed up.

Makes you realise just how good your GOOD customers are.

Some French businesses seem to think it is their right to ignore people they owe money to, and that you are in the wrong if you do anything to break that silence!

I generally start off friendly, but when it becomes clear that they are just fobbing me off, I become increasingly more persistent.

Oh David...that is sad....I am glad you are now happy and settled. I too worked in the Intercontinental Hotel....loved it! split shifts daily as the 'VIP Executive' basically meant I booked all the VIPs special deals for them and did the meeting and greeting..every night...bricklayers arms just off Portman Square...if I was home by was an early night, then back to work for 7 am in the morning,..! certainly couldnt keep that pace up these days. The nice thing about the early 70s...all of us that worked in hotels met after shifts...around 11pm...first the pub...then one of the hotels...the Russel or similar...for a guitar session...plenty of drinks..always spirits...then home...the worse for wear and a very expensive taxi bill!

I think I kept the pubs and wine bars in London going- and on some occasions the last train had gone! Once I had to spend the night in the Turkish Bath in Jermyn St (ony curtains between the booths and you had to be pretty careful!!!!) and had to go to the office next day in my dinner jacket.

Doreen I think School Dinners was the 70s- it was just up the road from Barracuda. I used to work in Fitzhardinge St and later in Gloucester Place on the corner of George Street. It's a bit murky now though. I remember that mash hurling was the sport at aforesaid restaurant. The waitresses had school girl uniforms, fishnet tights and probably wouldn't be considered PC now of course. I hope I wasn't mentioned by name in that cutting!

Carol - is that a compliment or a worry?! Seriously apart from a few aches and pains life is good. When I was living and working in London I was burning the candle at both ends. Then I met someone super and we married but immediately she became very ill and then after less than four years she died. She told me to get on and have a new life so I did! That was five years ago (my newest marriage anniversary was last week) and every day is enjoyed! that you? you are looking different these days...!

You bitch! I am definitely not telling the world about your cute predilictions- yet...................


I think a good name for your gang would be ' The Hand Bags' .

Apart from the Thatcherite no -nonsense implications your venture into debt collection could thus expand into other fields

For instance ladies of ' a certain age ' providing 'relief ' for gentlemen in their twilight years

Talking of which David R, was there not a ban on you entering any ladies' clothing outlets or store departments in the Knightsbridge area? The result of a fracas at Harvey Nic's – something to do with not having the required garments in your size .

PS. Could I have the pearls back? I promised to return them to one of your mistresses.

I do of course lurve Dior , and was it their houndstooth suit with miniskirt (?) but nobody beats Coco. All this is proving too much for my aged heart...there used to be a place called School (or was it Skule?) Dinners in Baker Street but that, as they say, was another story.

It dates me I realise but I always found those twin sets and pearls v sexy- especially if the fabric was that fluffy wool stuff! But then I remember the Knightsbridge Knotters!

Now that our numbers have swelled to more than just me and Cate, I feel a plan coming together. We have the uniform. Should we have a little dance routine (gangnam style?) that we do on the steps? We could bring a ghetto blaster for effect.

I love the idea of the SFN heavies....imagine....we could go to relevant offices, one of us could drool, the other rock in their chair, the next keep repeating...'give me the money' of us could pong.... another pick their nose....I reckon we would be most effective money collectors in the business...

Now come on! ... Are you lot serious??? :-)

Sharon - that's next. I'm waiting to see if there's any reaction to the latest email, which I copied to various other people involved in this, to try the "embarrassing" tack. I'm being bloody-minded about this! HOWEVER -- if anyone wants to try the "drooling" routine, they can have half of the proceeds!! I would LOVE to see that work!! :-)

Have you sent a registered letter requesting they pay under X amount of days?

Well, if we go with the psychotic drooling, wearing twin sets, we WILL be committed! :-)

Catchy name necessary! Suggestions please. What is our USP, and our slogan? Oh, and we'll need a catchy tune (a la Ghost Busters). :-D