This is probably a strange question, but that has never stopped me before. The Carrefour here in Pézenas used to stock frozen bagels, but they stopped carrying them a few months ago. The ony other place I've found that sells them is the bagel shop in Montpellier, & they are quite expensive. I was told Lidl sold them, but I went there today, & no luck. Does anyone know of a grocery store, café, bakery or anyplace that sells bagels? My husband & I are craving them lately. If I can't find them I'll have to bake them if I want to satisfy my craving.

If you have a branch of Picard local to you they sell them as a frozen product.

PS Just checked and they deliver in Pezenas.

David, I agree that bagels for sale at Lidl would not resemble "real" bagels, but it's sure easier than baking a batch, & if I find them, I just might give them a try.

If Lidl does sell bagels then their resemblance to genuine bagels will be entirely cosmetic.

I have seen them occasionally on the LIDL newsletter or on a McDo promotion but I don't think I've seen them in shops. We have made them at home but personally the don't do much for me so do't make unless pushed.


PS I do however fancy having a go at crumpets but don't think GP would be happy