Bah humbug!

Christmas Day? You can keep it! A time of year for what, exactly? What used to be a celebration of christian ritual has become a commercial free for all! A chance to buy inferior products at inflated prices, enjoy peace to all men by watching them literally fight each other for a parking space at Auchan, electrocute the children with dodgy chrismas lights & over eat & drink. The TV offers more rubbish than usual, unless you pay even more, families argue & the leftie, knit your own meusli brigade put a halt to the pretty bits by saying that it offends those of a different religion - when the reality is they enjoy it as much as christians do. Industry & travel grind to a halt, drink drivers cause mayhem & marraiges break up, with the result that on Boxing day garages & sheds not only harbour the remains of our forests but despondent humans hanging from old tow ropes. Animals, bought on a whim, spend the remains of their sad lives dodging motorway traffic or sharing a sack with a housebrick & a few gallons of water.

The thing about Christmas Day which REALLY gets my goat is....everyone is too busy to come to my birthday party!

Something I’ve always wanted - a copy of the “Times” printed on my birthday, oft requested, never given.

Bah humbug to you too! lol. I admit I do agree with you on most of your points. We are a non-religious family but do have a tree and decorations. We celebrate by just chilling out, not going overboard on the presents and not buying any junk that ends up in the bin after 5 mins (quality not quantity). As my other half used to say ‘nothing made in China’ he can’t say it any more though as EVERYTHING seems to made in China now. Do try and have a good birthday!

LOL! When’s your birthday then Mark?