Bales of straw/hay STILL required

Someone somewhere MUST know where we can purchase approx 28 Bales of straw/hay to be used for a small seating area at a function in Margueron 33220 on 8th September. Must be delivered to venue. Supplier can have them back after if wanted or they will be given to whoever can use them. strong text

Rectangular bales are usually straw not hay. Ask your local stables, petting zoo or similar as they are most likely to have or know where you can get straw.

Ask at your local coop agricole about where you can get bottes de paille.

Not foin, hay is food, it would be a shocking waste to use it as seating.

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Hi Jane unfortunately we are in the UK we had all sorted but the supplier unfortunately died. We have made enquiries via friends in the area but most straw bales would appear to be the large round type.

These people will do rectangular bales for 66€ a tonne

Hi Veronique. As my previous reply it is difficult to source these from the UK. the original supplier has died. We were hoping someone reading this would know of a farmer in the area that could sell and deliver to the venue. After we would return to him if he required or donate to someone.

Erm…pick up the phone?

A combination internet search of pages jaunes & leboncoin to find suppliers and a phone call could well do the trick.

Try leboncoin too. For example :
Is it that you do not k now where to find straw bakes, or that you want someone to organise their supply and disposal on your behalf?
Were you less than 100 miles away I would do so. I need straw for the donkeys winter bedding…

Hi Martin. As prev I live in UK now. Am trying to find bales for a seating area at our daughters wedding. All was arranged . The person unfortunately died so we are back to square one. Our friends in the area are trying to source for us also but unfortunately we only seem to be offered the large round ones. We would need the supplier to deliver - all will be paid for - supply and deliver.

Hi Joan…

You’ve been trying to source the rectangular bales of straw for several months now and your friends in the area seem unable to locate them… :zipper_mouth_face:

I wonder if you should be thinking of an alternative seating arrangement. :thinking:

Spot on Stella, we used to bale the small rectangular ones but it was costing us more money to produce them then what people were prepared to pay for them, so we got contractors in to cut and bale for us and they only produce the size that Vero recommends, 250 x 120 x 90 which are to high for people to sit on and are to large to move about by hand.
The fact is very few farmers now produce the small ones and if they do then they are normally for their own use.

I have lived in a farming area for 10 years and I have only ever seen farmers making the large round bales. They all seem to do it the same way. The fields are currently littered with them.

I wonder if anyone actually produces the rectangular ones any more??!!

I see both on my way to work and to market on a Sunday (completely different directions). I still think a coop agricole is the best place to ring, they are all in the yellow pages.
The people I linked to wouldn’t have been any use alas, but they might have known someone who is.

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If I remember correctly… the Wedding is in September 2018… so time is short and a stop-gap solution needs to be found… IMO.

Everyone is either working their socks off… or they are on holiday… personally, for my own peace of mind, I would go for a fall-back solution…

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The small rectangular bales are bedding straw, a completely different product. And it is still produced all over the place where there is cereal production.

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Jane, If small stuff is available in your area… perhaps you could notify the original poster… we’ve nothing like that around here, only much bigger stuff

I used to love watching the farmers bringing the grain in for weighing…loose in huge sacks. Sadly the weighbridge broke and has not been replaced. The farmers have to go further afield now.

Can you tell me exactly where ? because nobody who grows wheat near our farm in the lot still produce the little ones that Joan is after, they are nearly all bigger rectangular ones, is it the bigger ones that you are thinking about JJ Jones.
They do not have to be bedding straw we used to make hay ones as well for feed for horse owners.

Oh I see now. The large round bales produced here are for feeding the animals in winter and are therefore hay. The rectangular ones are for bedding and are therefore straw.

You can tell I am originally a city girl!

General rule of thumb… (I think)

Straw is harsh… if you walk through a field after the grain has been harvested, the stalks will scratch your legs and feet…

Hay is soft, because it is cut green/young…yum yum, suitable for munching on… gentle and tasty… :relaxed:

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If you are looking from a distance: Straw is all shades from off white to orange, fairly coarse and shiny along its length, Hay is greenish softer and finer and not really shiny.
Then there is silage…

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